carpet that cares

ALLOA carpets

ALLOA designed to recycle

If you care about the world and our next generation, your choice for the best flooring solution is essential.

By choosing ALLOA Carpets, you support an infinite chain of products, made out of recycled material.
Be an ambassador of our future and become part of the circular economy.

The best invention since carpet originally was made.
ALLOA Carpets: ALL Over Again (ALLOA)

This carpet is unique because the yarn, fiber and backing are made from one material. After use, it can be recycled into new carpet or other high-quality products.

At the moment we are closely working with our partners to demonstrate that closing the loop within the value chain is actually possible. We will show you soon that it is possible to design a mono carpet that still meets the market’s highest standards.

We combine sophisticated design with an improved environmental performance.

ALLOA Carpets are designed to recycle, all over again.